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Recent Updates

In February 2021, B. Dugdale & Sons Ltd aquired the remaining 50% share capital of FiveF Alka Ltd. B. Dugdale & Son Limited played an integral part in the development, launch and manufacture of Home n’ Dry technology from the very beginning and the two-family businesses continued to work closely together over the years.

The acquisition of the remaining 50% of FiveF Alka Ltd is therefore a very organic progression within the evolution of alkasystems and allows for further development opportunities going forward.

UK based enquiries will continue to be handled by Rob Cockroft and Rob Smith and former Directors Alan and Paul Sayle will now act as International Agents for Home n’ Dry. Please be assured that you will continue to receive the same excellent service and we are all proud to continue this long-standing working relationship.

Proud to use Triple S® Soya
Sustainability in agriculture is an on-going journey that we are fully committed to playing our part in. We are therefore delighted to announce that from 1st May 2021, Home n’ Dry® now contains Triple S® (Sustainably Sourced & Supplied) Soya.

Farmers who commit to this program pledge to produce their crops under three core criteria:

  • Using best agricultural practices
  • Protecting worker welfare
  • Producing on land which has not been deforested

The program is independently verified and is benchmarked against the FEFAC (European feed compounder association) sustainable soy guidelines.

New Packaging
Another development, highlighting our commitment to the environment, is our switch to new packaging which is made from 30% recyclable material.

Alongside the material change, Home n’ Dry® will now be sold in 20kg bags, giving four main advantages to our customers:

  • Reduction to 1 tonne pallets will equal less pressure on bottom layer and reduce likelihood of hard product
  • 20kg bags will be easier to handle, taking health & safety into consideration
  • The bags will fit within the limits of the pallet and therefore will be less likely to be damaged in transit
  • Better matched to on farm usage of 30kg per tonne – 1.5 bags per tonne of grain