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No. All grain products treated with Home n’ Dry must be fully ripened and must contain any green grains.

Depending on the moisture content, at least 2 weeks (contact us outside of this guideline). The sheet can then be removed after a least 2 weeks if it is covered and water-free.

This is a minimum application policy. The harvest can be treated can be treated with a higher application rate in order to increase the protein content. For cereals under 15% or over 25%, you should seek advice from us before proceeding.

Grain Moisture (%)Home n’ Dry Minimum Application Rate (Kg)
15 – 2030

Alkagrain can be made from any mature grain – wheat, barley, triticale, oats, rye and maize.

A rumen is most efficient at a more neutral pH around 6.2. Feeding concentrate results in an acidic fermentation in the rumen. Adding alkaline feed to the acidic environment increases the pH, which improves rumen function and supports feed intake, performance and animal health.

Home n’ Dry adds approximately 1.4% (DM) protein for every 10kg applied.

You can usually find between a 4.0 – 4.2 % (DM) increase in protein when Home n’ Dry is applied at 30kg/T on grains.

Fully ripened without green grains; You cannot successfully mix Home n’ Dry with cereals that still contain sugar in the grains (see Maillard reaction diagram below).

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