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It is well documented that the European commission propose to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030. The target is to become climate neutral by 2050. The UK target is to slash emissions by 78% by 2035, and to reach net zero by 2050. The aim is to increase clean, green energy and limit global warming to 1.5°C.

Why do we use
Non-gm soya beans in Home n' Dry?

At Home n’ Dry, we understand that everyone needs to play a role in tackling climate change. Deforestation contributes to about 1/5th of total greenhouse gas emissions, with additional impact through damage and fragmentation of habitat. The result? Loss of biodiversity, disruption of water cycles and displacements in population. The United Nations ‘17 Sustainable Development Goals’ are an urgent call to help end poverty and other deprivations globally.

Pressure is building to ensure soya is sourced sustainably, especially within the agricultural industry, where 75% of imported soya into the UK is used in animal feed. 68% of UK soya comes from South America and the countries that are most at risk of deforestation and habitat destruction. Therefore, we are proud that our soya bean is non-gm and sourced from non-deforestation areas.

As you may be aware, Arla have been working on their sustainability credentials for many years. They already have milk with a CO2 emission intensity more than 50% lower than the global average. With demands from their customers and government change, and with their understanding of the planet and its needs, they see the need to evolve further with greater urgency.

For further information about how Home n’ Dry can help your farm, please call the ALKAline on +44 (0)1200 613118 or email

So, how does this help you?

  • Meeting sustainability targets leads to an improved milk price
    • With Arla, each point is worth 0.03ppl
  • Creates a sustainable feed
    • The use of deforestation free soy accounts for 11 points with Arla
  • Improves yield from your farm land
    • Up to 9 points available with Arla
  • ​Help to improve feed efficiency
    • Up to 13 points available with Arla
  • Support animal robustness

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