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Alkalage® is produced by simply mixing the unique alkalising feed pellets (Home n’ Dry) at a minimum application rate of 40kg/tonne, with a ripe, fully mature, combine ready cereal crop, harvested through a small grain processor and clamping well.

Mature Combine Ready Cereal Crop
Home n' Dry® Pellets

Alkalage® Provides Numerous Advantages

  • Optimum crop utilisation as the mature crop has maximum starch and dry matter yield
  • Alkaline pH helps buffer the rumen, safely increasing the overall cereal content of the diet
  • Reduce the risk of Sub Acute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA)
  • Protein levels allow reduced bought-in protein requirements
  • Cost effective supply of both starch and protein
  • A stable forage is created with no fermentation losses
  • Alkalage® allows a wider crop harvest window

Typical Analysis Wheat (DM)









Powerful Rumen Buffer

Once the ammonia has been released from the Home n’ Dry pellets by intrinsic enzyme action, a further reaction occurs leaving behind alkaline ammonium salts, mainly ammonium bicarbonate, which is also an excellent rumen buffer and nitrogen source.

  • Increased protein
  • Not acidic – Alkaline pH
  • Powerful rumen buffer
  • Stable clamp once opened
  • Increased digestibility
  • Support rumen health
  • Effective in combination with grass silage and/or maize silage
  • Cost effective provider of starch and protein TOGETHER

The resultant forage is alkaline, stable, with an increased protein content and, as the ammonia also reacts with lignin in plant cell walls, it has enhanced digestibility.

Alkalage® is a proven method of utilising own-grown, mature cereal crop feeds to help support animal performance and health, whilst reducing the proportion of purchased feeds in the diet. The high pH in the treated crop helps buffer the rumen against excess acidity and allows a whole new approach to feedstuffs and feeding techniques.

Producing Alkalage®

Alkalage® is produced by mixing Home n’ Dry pellets with the combinable ready cereal crop, quickly releasing ammonia to produce an alkaline, stable forage with increased protein content.

  • Ensure the crop is fully mature before harvest.
  • The cereal crop must be processed at harvest.
  • Extra Home n’ Dry on the top of the clamp will protect against moisture under the sheet.
  • Don’t spray off an under ripe crop.
  • Don’t consolidate the clamp, as the ammonia gas needs to circulate throughout the clamp.
  • Don’t harvest any green material – sugars present will cause an adverse reaction in the clamp.
Dry Matter %Application Rate Kg/T
81 – 8540
75 – 8045


  • A clean, dry store is required with plastic to seal the sides and top.
  • Home n’ Dry application is farm dependent. Most common practise for Alkalage® is to top dress using fertiliser spreaders or loader buckets.
  • Level out a weighed trailer load of whole crop onto a clean floor and add the correct quantity of Home n’ Dry as a top dress.
  • Fill the clamp in shallow, flat layers.
  • Push into store, sheet and seal away from rain and water.
  • Lightly weigh down the sheet.
  • Leave for a minimum of 2 weeks before opening.
  • Once opened protect the open face from long exposure to rain.

If you have any technical and/or nutritional queries, please contact your supplier or one of the Home n’ Dry team.

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