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There is an ALKA Solution for
Every Farm

Help to improve rumen function, animal health and performance with Home n’ Dry Alkasystems technology. The original alkaline feeding solution, Home n’ Dry benefits from over 40 years of experience. Home n’ Dry enables farmers, nutritionists and feed manufactures to maximise the potential of their crops, feeds and diets.

Alka Solutions?

Recent consensus in the UK from certain nutritionists and vets is that Subclinical Acidosis (SARA) in UK dairy cows can be as high as 75% to 80% of the herd in winter feeding months. This has significant diverse impacts including:

  • Poor digestion
  • Poor use of forages in the diet
  • Fertility problems
  • Poor feed efficiency
  • Reduced growth rate in finishing / growing cattle
  • Long term liver damage in both dairy cows and finishing cattle
  • Low food intakes
  • Poor yield
  • Foot health problems
  • Increased greenhouse gas production
  • Poor milk quality
  • Animal welfare issues

Alka Solutions


A high protein alkaliser, helping to reduce acid loading.

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A unique alkaline product achieved by combining Alkafibre and Alkagrain.

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Ideal for use as a forage extender to support rumen function.

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Alkaline blends which contain Alkagrain 150.

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Alkaline, compound feeds containing Alkagrain 150.

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Alkaline, protein enhanced straw. Used to improve ration structure in diets.

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A unique, air-stable, alkaline, protein enhanced cereal grain.

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Rumen friendly, alkaline, protein enhanced cereal grain.

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Home n’ Dry®

Home n' Dry® pellets are the foundation of Alkasystems technology.

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The Missing Piece

The unrivalled benefits of using Home n’ Dry are recognised worldwide and we are proud to be able to supply most markets in the world, either from the UK or from our manufacture partner in Australia.

Are you looking for rumen friendly, alkaline feeding solutions for dairy, beef or sheep?

Cost Effective
Simple Application
Improve Sustainability
Help Buffer Rumen pH
Help Improve Performance
Help Improve Animal Health

Our raw materials are sourced from
Non-deforestation Areas

At Home n’ Dry we understand that everyone needs to play a role in tackling climate change. Deforestation contributes about 1/5th of total greenhouse gas emissions. We are proud to announce that our raw materials are now sourced from 100% non-deforestation areas.

We also grow some cereals that we feed back to the stock. I’ve always been keen to maximise the nutritional value of what I can grow on my own farm and alkalisation certainly offers the opportunity to do just that.

Billy Roberts, Oswestry

Available Internationally
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In recent years Alkasystems technology has been recognised internationally. We are proud to be able to supply most markets in the world, either from the UK or from our manufacture partner in Australia.

Are you hitting the optimum
Rumen pH?

A healthy rumen is key to efficient and productive animals, be that in milk production, rearing lambs or growing beef animals to appropriate finish weights. Two things are vital when it comes to optimal rumen health; a stable, active and healthy microbial population and a suitable pH.

Incorporating Home n’ Dry alkaline feeding solutions into your feeding regimen will help to balance rumen pH, improving rumen function which will support animal health and performance.

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Home n’ Dry® Continual Work and Improvements

Alkasystems technology provides farmers with the opportunity to feed increased levels of starch, with enhanced protein levels together with improved digestibility by increasing the alkalinity…

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