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Our International Sales Agents attend a 2-day ‘Knowledge & Inspiration Conference’ in Sweden…

By invitation of Robert Nilsson – HK Scan, Paul & Alan Sayle attended the 2 Day knowledge and Inspiration conference in Vimmerby, Sweden. Attendees were from all regions of Sweden as well as the UK, Canada, Australia, Norway and Belgium.

There were numerous informative speakers at the conference including HK Scan CEO Lars Appelqvist, Semex Beef Marketing Manager Brad Gilchrist, Andrew Freshwater of Clear Creek Pastoral in Australia, HK Scan Purchasing Manager Patrik Setzman amongst others.

Topics covered were the current state of the agricultural sector, breeding for meat, rumen and animal health, genomics, field to fork, consumer demands, environmental targets and the future.

Paul Sayle gave a presentation on ALKA feeds and forages and the many benefits of maintaining a healthy rumen. Present in the audience were some Home n’ Dry users from Sweden who relayed their success with Alkalage and Alkagrain.

During the two days of great hosting by HK Scan – various food from their Scan brand was provided for tasting on top of the excellent meals throughout.

At the conference and during an awards presentation by Robert Nilsson to farm suppliers of HK Scan, brothers Per and Magnus Johannson who farm in Bergsjő, and produce Alkagrain and Alkalage were awarded a certificate for ‘Alka inspirers of the decade!’ – with the comments ‘They are true entrepreneurs who dare to do what others are advised to do and their results always speak for themselves! They have the ability to inspire other entrepreneurs, are always breaking new ground and doing amazingly well’.

Paul and Alan would like to place on record their gratitude to Robert Nilsson and all in attendance for such an enjoyable, informative conference and the hospitality afforded to them whilst in Sweden.