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Is the catchy weather delaying your wholecrop harvest?

Maybe this is the year to consider leaving the crop until it is fully ripe and treating it with Home n’ Dry to make Alkalage.

Once fully ripe the crop is foraged as normal but the Home n’ Dry pellets are mixed with the crop as it is clamped. The pellets react with the crop to release ammonia which circulates through the crop creating ammonium salts.

The result is a stable crop with increased protein content and alkalinity.

For harvesting the mature crop, use a machine with a small grain processor for Alkalage, mixing a minimum of 40kg/tonne Home n’ Dry® feed pellets with it, sheet well, keep it out of continuous rain fall and you will get the end result you are looking for.

Alkalage will cost no more than fermented wholecrop but will give maximum starch and dry matter and an alkaline finished product.

The result on farm will be cows with less risk to sub-acute ruminal acidosis, and therefore more stable and productive. Reduced requirement for purchased protein and starch supplementation, therefore reduced feed costs. Extra forage to balance grass silage of differing qualities and fill a gap if silage quantities are short.

For more information please call the Alka-line or contact one of our technical specialists:

T. 01200 613118

UK Tel. 07748 651906 / 07930 943073

International Tel. +44 (0) 1200 445525