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Home and Dry
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What is Home n' Dry?

Home n' Dry pellets are the foundation of Alkasystems technology. Developed after extensive research and trials, they are a cost effective, high protein complimentary feed that enable farmers, nutritionists and feed manufacturers to maximise the potential of their crops, feeds and diets. 

Home n' Dry pellets consist of approximately equal parts technical feed grade urea and non-GM full fat soya bean and a small percentage of other ingredients to stabilise the pellet.

Urea is the key nitrogen source for ammonia release from Home n' Dry. The engineering in the process of creating the pellets means the resultant feed material contains virtually no measurable residue of urea.

Home and Dry Pellets
Wheat for Grain Treatment


Protein (DM) 146% Protein

8.2% Crude Oils & Fats

Spreading of Home and Dry for Alkalage
Alka Reaction
How does it work?

Easy to use in a ONE-STEP APPLICATION - once in contact with moisture, Home n’ Dry pellets release ammonia into the subject crop or feed, destroying microbes, moulds and some mycotoxins.

Once the ammonia has been released by enzyme action, a further reaction occurs leaving behind alkaline ammonium salts, mainly ammonium bicarbonate which is also an excellent rumen buffer & nitrogen source.

Alka Reaction

The resultant crops and feeds are alkaline, stable, increased in protein and as the ammonia also reacts with lignin in plant cell walls, have enhanced digestibility. The high pH in the treated materials helps buffer the rumen against acidity and allows a whole new approach to feeding techniques.

Implementing Alkasystems through Home n' Dry can help address the challenges in farming by maintaining feed intakes and supporting animal production, while consistently delivering output and increasing the use of home grown or locally sourced feeds and forages.

Home n' Dry pellets are the pre-cursor to:

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