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What is Alkafibre?

Alkafibre is a unique product achieved by combining Oat feed pellets with Home n’ Dry®. Its alkaline properties make it an ideal forage extender as well as an excellent rumen buffer while providing digestible fibre in the diet.

Alkafibre provides numerous advantages:

  • Better rumen stability enables more efficient digestion of feed and reduced nutritional scour

  • Enables increased levels of highly fermentable concentrates in the diet without SARA issues

  • Increased microbial protein in the rumen reduces need for costly bypass proteins

  • Cost effective use of Oat feed due to improved nutritional properties

  • Can be fed directly, as part of a TMR or with a compound / blend

  • Improved diet utilisation enabling cleaner and productive cows

  • Increased dry matter intakes can help increase milk production

  • Easy to handle and feed and also discourages vermin

Where are Alkablends available from?

Alkablends® are available from the following manufacturers:

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