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Alka Green
What is Alkafibre?

Alkafibre is a unique product achieved by combining Oat feed pellets with Home n’ Dry®. Its alkaline properties make it an ideal forage extender as well as an excellent rumen buffer while providing digestible fibre in the diet.


An alkalised diet will support rumen health, animal health and performance ultimately driving profitability in any ruminant system. Alkafibre is approximately 90% pelleted material and 10% shattered cereal.

Alkafibre is available in the UK, Ireland and Europe via approved trading partners. Call the ALKAline today on +44 (0)1200 613118 to find out the contact details of your local merchant.

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Crops for Grain Treatment


Typical Analysis

wheat (DM)

NDF 44%

Fibre 20%

Protein 14.5%

pH 8.5

Alkafibre provides numerous advantages:


  • Better rumen stability enables more efficient digestion of feed

  • Enables increased levels of highly fermentable concentrates in the diet, reducing the risk of Sub Acute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA)

  • Increased microbial protein from the rumen reduces need for costly bypass proteins

  • Cost effective use of Oat feed due to improved nutritional properties

  • Can be fed directly, as part of a TMR or with a compound / blend

  • Easy to handle and feed

  • Discourages vermin during storage

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