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What is Alkagrain?

Alkagrain is produced by simply mixing the unique alkalising feed pellets (Home n' Dry) with a minimum application rate of 30kg/tonne, with ripe, fully mature cereal grain and clamping well. This can be done at harvest or throughout the year. The grain can be rolled or crimped before clamping, or before feed-out. 

The resultant alkaline, high starch feed material with added protein has allowed much greater use of cereals in diets for dairy cows, beef, sheep and goats.

Wheat for Grain Treatment
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Alkagrain Home and Dry Treated Grain
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Alkagrain provides numerous advantages:

  • Maximise crop utilisation, as the mature grain has optimum starch levels

  • The alkalinity helps buffer rumen pH and safely increase cereal content of the diet

  • Simple production method makes Alkagrain an attractive alternative to Soda Grain

  • Reduce the risk of Sub Acute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA)

  • Increased grain protein levels allow a reduction of bought in protein costs

  • Cost effective supply of both starch and protein

  • No drying costs are required

Combine for Alkagrain and Alkastraw


Typical Analysis

wheat (DM)

Starch 68%

Protein 17%

ME 13.5

pH 8.5

Support Rumen Function

Alkalised diets when incorporated into a balanced diet, will improve rumen pH and function, supporting performance and animal health. Alkagrain is a proven method of safely feeding higher levels of starch with home-grown cereals in diets for ruminants.


This allows either:

  • A reduction in concentrate fed for the same performance

  • Higher production from the same weight of concentrate

  • Safely allowing higher feed rates for higher performance

In effect, we are utilising protein that would be bought in the winter to conserve and enhance the grain during storage.

  • Lower final cost than other methods of grain storage and treatment

  • Increased protein level to 14-15% Crude Protein, or more as required

Beef Trial at Harper Adams

In a beef trial at Harper Adams University College in the UK, the Alkagrain eliminated the need to include Rape Meal and Soya, yet performance was improved in comparison to conventional feeds. Liver scores were also improved.

Alkagrain fed liver - Liver score 1.25

Control liver - Liver score 1.80

The adjacent image shows an example of liver abscesses.

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