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What is Alkalage?

Alkalage is a unique combinable ready cereal forage which is high starch, high levels of structural and digestible fibre, alkaline and with increased protein. Alkalage incorporated into a balanced diet will improve rumen health and function, leading to improved performance and overall animal health. Alkalage is a widely proven method of safely feeding higher levels of starch through the use of home-grown cereals in diets for ruminants.

Alkalage provides numerous advantages:
  • Maximum crop utilisation as the mature crop has maximum starch and dry matter yield

  • Alkaline pH helps buffer the rumen safely increasing the overall cereal content of the diet

  • Ability to push for higher animal performance whilst reducing risks of SARA

  • Increased crop protein levels allow a reduction in bought in protein costs

  • Cost effective provider of both starch and protein together

  • A stable forage is created with no fermentation losses

  • Alkalage allows a wider crop harvest window

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