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Alkanut Home and Dry
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What are Alkanuts?


Alkasystems technology is used in manufactured blended and pelleted feeds where the feed is ‘Alkalised’ – creating Alkanuts.


The ammonia release technology of Home n’ Dry is used to produce the specialist concentrate Alkagrain 150 – which, when included in the manufacture of compound feeds (at specified levels), helps to combat acid loading common in animals fed manufactured feeds.


The resultant feeds have a higher pH than traditional manufactured feeds, which gives the ability to safely and significantly increase the dietary contribution of starches and sugars.


Alkanuts are available throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe via approved trading partners. Call the ALKAline today on +44 (0)1200 613118 to find out the contact details of your local merchant.

Alkanut Home and Dry Jigsaw
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Alkanuts provide numerous advantages:

  • Support animal health and performance with improved feed efficiency

  • Alkalinity helps buffer rumen pH and safely increase cereal content of the diet

  • Reduce the risk of Sub Acute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA)

  • Rapid finishing rates from a high energy dense feed

  • Cost effective provider of both starch and sugar

  • Ability to safely feed ad-libitum

The Alkanut Range:
Alkanut Range
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