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What is Alkaforage?

Alkaforage is a unique product achieved by combining Alkagrain® and Alkafibre®. Its alkaline properties make it an ideal forage replacer when maize silage / whole crop is unavailable or in short supply. Alkaforage can also be used as a buffer feed in low dry matter, acidic grass silages.

Alkaforage provides numerous advantages:

  • Better rumen stability enables more efficient digestion of feed and reduced nutritional scour

  • Ideal as a replacement for Maize or Whole Crop Silage to add to Grass Silage TMR’s

  • Available to ‘fill the gap’ before Maize Silage or Whole Crop have been harvested

  • Compliments Grass Silage as a buffer feed when dry matters are low

  • Increased dry matter intakes can help increase milk production

  • Helps increase the dry matter in TMR’s with wet acidic silage

  • Offers an alternative to arable silages for use in TMR’s

  • All the benefits of Alkafibre and Alkagrain combined

  • Cleaner cows at milking time

Where is Alkaforage available from?

Alkaforage® is available from the following manufacturers:

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