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Alka Green
What is Alkaforage?

Alkaforage is a unique product achieved by combining Alkagrain® and Alkafibre®. Its alkaline properties make it an ideal forage replacer when maize silage / whole crop is unavailable or in short supply.


Alkaforage can also be used as a buffer feed with low dry matter, acidic grass silages. An alkalised diet will support rumen health, animal health and performance ultimately driving profitability in any ruminant system. Alkaforage is approximately 40-50% pelleted material and 50-60% shattered cereal.

Alkaforage is available in the UK, Ireland and Europe via approved trading partners. Call the ALKAline today on +44 (0)1200 613118 to find out the contact details of your local merchant.

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Cereal Grain


Typical Analysis

wheat (DM)

NDF 35%

Starch 30%

Protein 14%

pH 8.5

Alkaforage provides numerous advantages:


  • Better rumen stability enables more efficient digestion of feed

  • Ideal as a replacement for Maize or Whole Crop Silage to feed alongside Grass Silage

  • Available to ‘fill the gap’ before Maize Silage or Whole Crop have been harvested

  • Compliments Grass Silage as a buffer feed when dry matters are low

  • Helps increase the dry matter in TMR’s with wet acidic silage

  • Offers an alternative to arable silages for use in TMR’s

  • All the benefits of Alkafibre and Alkagrain combined

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