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Are you experiencing a shortage of forage? Do you need to fill a gap?…

Alkaforage is an alkaline based supplement which can be used in situations where forage supplies are tight and need extending. With the spring weather we have experienced so far this year many farmers are starting to struggle for forage availability.

Alkaforage is a combination of soya hulls and Alkagrain 150, to give a 14% protein supplement. The feed rate of Alkaforage will depend on the NDF of the forage already available on farm and should be fed with advice from your nutritionist.

It is theoretically possible to feed up to 5kg dry matter of Alkaforage, but this will be dependent on the quantity and quality of forage it is replacing, as well as the rest of the diet being fed on farm. The left-hand diets below show 2kg dry matter in the diet but is pushing the diet to the limit as far as rumen health risks as the silage is already of good quality with a relatively low NDF. In the right-hand situation replacing 5kg dry matter of forage would be more suitable as the diet includes higher NDF silage, and straw inclusion so the level of Alkaforage can be increased.

Pushing the limits is safer because of the alkalinity of the Alkaforage and so the rumen stability will be supported, and the risk of ruminal acidosis minimised, even with the lack of structural, effective fibre in the diet.

Comparable to other by-products used on farm to extend forage supplies, Alkaforage is competitively priced whilst having the added benefit of the alkaline properties, and reliable supply to farm.

ProductDry Matter %Protein %FWEnergy Mj/kg/DMCost/tonne DM
Brewers Grains245.811.7£312
Grass Silage301411.1£184

“The result is a stable crop with increased protein content and alkalinity….”

For harvesting the mature crop, use a machine with a small grain processor for Alkalage, mixing a minimum of 40kg/tonne Home n’ Dry® feed pellets with it, sheet well, keep it out of continuous rain fall and you will get the end result you are looking for.

Alkalage will cost no more than fermented wholecrop, but will give maximum starch and dry matter and an alkaline finished product.

The result on farm will be cows with less risk to sub-acute ruminal acidosis, and therefore more stable and productive. Reduced requirement for purchased protein and starch supplementation, therefore reduced feed costs. Extra forage to balance grass silage of differing qualities and fill a gap if silage quantities are short.

For more information please call the Alka-line or contact one of our technical specialists:

Tel. 01200 613118

International Tel. +44 (0) 1200 445525