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Home n' Dry welcome visitors from Belgium & France to the UK...

Updated: Mar 11

In April 2023, International Home n' Dry agents Paul & Alan Sayle (Sayle-Agri International) welcomed a group of visitors from Belgium & France. The group hailed from the animal feed industry, trading in Belgium, Southern Netherlands and Northern France.

The tour started with a visit to Home n' Dry Manufacturer Dugdale Nutrition's Head Office at Bellman Mill. Matthew Dugdale, Managing Director gave a presentation on the company's history. Paul Sayle then showed a presentation detailing all aspects of Home n' Dry and Alkasystems Technology.

Sayle-Agri International Exclusive Agents for Home n' Dry

After the presentations and discussions, the group were shown around the mill facilities by Dugdale Nutrition’s Operations Director, Matthew Tickle. Matthew explained the process of including Alkagrain into Alkanuts and Alkablends.

Dugdale Nutrition Blend Facility

The Blend Facility at Dugdale Nutrition

Later and in the following days, the group travelled around the north of England visiting farms that has produced Alkalage, Alkagrain and farms using AlkabupHa, Alkanuts and Alkablends.

Cattle fed Alkalage & Alkagrain Observing Alkagrain Discussion in front of a clamp of Alkalage

Taylors Farm Grain Services Alkagrain Farm with a view

During the farm visits, the group discussed how Alka feeding methods in the UK compared to those in mainland Europe both at farm level and at compound feed facilities. The group highlighted that the use of Home n’ Dry to produce Alka feeds and forages was growing quickly across Belgium and the Netherlands and that the trip had given further insight into utilising Alkasystems to benefit farmers across the continent.

We would like to thank all the locations visited for their hospitality.

International Sales & Technical Enquiries:

Alan Sayle ​T. +44 (0) 1200 445525 Email.

Paul Sayle ​T. +44 (0) 1200 445525 Email.

Great Britain Sales & Technical Enquiries:

Rob Cockroft T. 07748 651906 Email.

Rob Smith ​T. 07930 943073 Email.

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