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What is the Alkaboost Mineral Range?

The Alkaboost mineral range has been developed to the highest standard and specification, taking into account the different mineral and vitamin requirements when feeding a diet containing Alkagrain and / or Alkalage.


The complementary mineral range optimises health and performance by meeting the requirements of all ruminants. 


The Alkaboost Mineral Range


Additional sulphur in this mineral helps utilise excess non protein nitrogen in cattle diets that carry high inclusions of Alkagrain and Alkalage.

Alkaboost Lamb

Increased levels of selenium, vitamin E and iron levels in this mineral aids the immune function and muscle development, complementing lambs being finished on a high cereal content Alkagrain diet.

Alkaboost + Rummisentials

Alkaboost + Rummisentials combines the Alkaboost mineral with a high purity yeast culture and micro-encapsulated, aromatic plants and spices. The biggest effects with this mineral has been seen when incorporated with high starch rations such as an Alkagrain / Alkalage based diet. 

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